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Alack! Alas! I Have No Class! May 8, 2006

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

Summer's a-comin' and I was looking forward to enjoying what was THE ONLY THING I enjoyed about enduring The Great Bake that is summer in Las Vegas – an evening ceramics class at the local community college.  Sadly, it isn't being offered this year.  I love the feel and manipulation of clay, and creating something that exists in its own right, not just an image on paper or whatever.  Also, it teaches you that you can't control everything.  In ceramics, when you make something it's final outcome as a success or failure is somewhat dependent on factors you can't control.  I won't get into all the details, but know that the cool pot, or bowl or whatever you make has maybe a 50/50 chance of coming out of the whole process either intact, or cool looking.  Maybe a 25% chance of hitting on both scores.  Here's a couple that did:


Here's an example that didn't make it all the way through the process intact, but still looks kinda cool:


Here, the cracking you see is glaze-cracking.  It's supposed to do that, and it gives a neat effect.  The sad part about this is that this skull originally had six spider-like legs coming out of it.  I managed to create, attach and dry the whole piece successfully and transport it to the class intact.  My arms shook a little as I was lowering into the kiln and that was enough to snap off most of the legs.  I cut off the rest of the legs and fired the skull.  During the final firing the instructor looked into a peephole in the kiln and saw it.  He said it was "glowing red with fire shooting out of the eyesockets.  That's one of the coolest things I've ever seen in a kiln."  Ah, well – maybe next year.


1. kevlarchick - May 9, 2006

So cool Enas! Are any of those masks “self portraits?” I’m digging that skull–the spike in his head is the icing on the cake.

Can I have it?

2. Enas Yorl - May 9, 2006

No, the masks aren’t self portraits. The one on the top right I did many years ago, but just recently got glazed. The one on the left was actually inspired by a figure I saw in the wood grain of my entertainment center. Somebody in another class saw it, made a clearly inferior copy and tried to do a switcheroo. He later claimed that he had just mistaken mine for his. Ya right.

As for the skull, well I’m still kinda attached to it Kevlarchick. I’ll whip something else up, just for you.

3. kevlarchick - May 9, 2006

Make me a skull like that with a hole in the top so I can use it as a pencil holder. Or I’ll put my makeup stuff in it. YAY!

You see things in wood grain? Interesting. I see hidden faces in my ceiling. Kinda like cloud-gazing, huh?

4. Enas Yorl - May 9, 2006

Well, I can’t make anything in clay this summer, I don’t have a kiln. I’ve got something else in mind. What’s your favorite color?

Cloud-gazing Exactly. I see things in stucco, wood, hell – even floor tiles. Practically anything with prominent texture.

5. kevlarchick - May 9, 2006

I like pink and red.

I once saw the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe in one of those old lead glass, wavy-like windows. Plain as day, there she was. You understand this, I think.

Here’s hoping no one else gets on this thread or they’ll think I’m nuts and you’ll have to make something for them too.

6. elzbth - May 9, 2006

Here I am. So what are you making for me?

I was in Las Vegas one July. It was 103 degrees by 9 o’clock in the morning.

7. Muslihoon - May 9, 2006

You’re so talented. I’m impressed.

Regarding art, I can barely draw a stick figure.

8. Enas Yorl - May 9, 2006

Thanks Muslihoon! I think you would be surprised at what you could do with practice and good instruction.

On other matters, deep quirkiness is to be expected from an Anomaly, particularly the Center of one. Occasionally I will perform Random Acts of Coolness for commenters here. The first of which will be for Kevlarchick. Others will occur as the whim takes me. Sorry elzbth, but only one potential whim per post.

9. kevlarchick - May 10, 2006

The quirky and potent one chose me first. I am humbled. Keep me posted stud. I look forward to the results.

10. Enas Yorl - May 10, 2006

No problem. In fact, do you want to be part of the process or just be surprised by the results?

11. kevlarchick - May 10, 2006

Oh no, surprise me. I trust your artistic intuition. Do your thang Enas.

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