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Dragon’s Lair April 30, 2006

Posted by Mitchell in Home.

One of the video games in the arcades of my youth was of course “Dragon’s Lair”. It came out in the early ’80s and it was very different from any of the games that came before it in that it was a drastic advance in terms of play & graphics. It was also the first game (I think) to use images stored on a laserdisc. You remember laserdiscs right? Anyway, it was new technology in the arcades of my youth. And you had to plug in 50 cents per game. ALL other games in the arcade were a quarter a play. This was a serious investment of my arcade budget! Still, the draw was too great and I played it many times. And I died many, many times. I was never very good at it and I didn’t get very far either. The above link shows a successful game to its conclusion.

Found via Ghost of a Flea.



1. geoff - May 5, 2006

That game was a complete money-suck: much more entertaining to watch than play. In the video arena I was more of a Robotron kind of guy (in fact I own an arcade version of Robotron), but pinball has always been my first love.

2. Enas Yorl - May 5, 2006

Robotron, ah yes I remember it well. I sucked at that game too. I could never get my fire & movement coordinated well enough to advance very far. My best games were Joust and Disc Tron.

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